Thursday, December 31, 2009

It came from youtube

Let's see if I can post about some musical gems mined from the wasteland of piracy and morons that is youtube.

They also have a nice cover of Beat It.

For some reason I want to hear her sing the ballad of Clarice Starling :P

Nice little bit o godlessness from a pair of swedish siblings

Unfortunately in my html ineptitude I've broken the video as linkback feature, so I had to put links in.

Happy New Year!!

I normally sleep through the changeover, work night shift and during vacations enjoy the decadence of sleeping during my normal waking hours.

When I was younger there was a sort of family tradition, a new years eve meal. Hog jowls, collard greens and pinto beans. Something about insuring prosperity in the coming year. I hate beans in all but chilli form, can't abide boiled greens outside of spinich dip and hog jowls are plain proof that not all of the pig is edible. It is, it must be said, the un-bacon.

Classic piece of rustic animism. Treating prosperity as the caprice of an easily fooled anthropic entity. One that could be tricked into lingering and giving boons by pretending to be poor, eating shotgun shack fare at a critical juncture. Not that it was ever articulated in any such fashion. Obvious in retrospect.

I hated all that stuff and do not practice the tradition.

Had a nice seared ribeye, a baked potato and some texas toast. I'll ring in the new year with a slice of the blueberry black walnut amaretto cheesecake, which was baked from scratch by me earlier today. Hope it turned out well.

It would seem portentous if it didn't. :P

Are we reassured yet?

There's a nice little city killer asteroid that most likely won't hit us anytime soon, Apophis. There's a russian version of George 'Dubya' Bush with a laughably bad hairpiece. He will protect humanity from the quasi-threat by knocking  it away with the rusty revanant of the soviet space program.

Welcome to the 21st century, steadily plugging away at being just as tragi-comically fucked up as the 20th.